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The people resposible for your personal misery

Mazon is built on the combined effort and sacrifice of countless devoted personel.


Pay for basic Human+ needs!


We spend your credits instead of our own!


Who needs freedom anyway?

Outstanding People

Dr Lucas Koyner

Dr Koyner brought his wealth of experience from Praexus and Pfener Hoit to Mazon Labs, taking the project lead on a number of key peer-reviewed studies relating to both neurology and anaesthetics. He later began working behind-the-scenes on cutting-edge and fast-paced projects, before moving on to a static, peaceful and quiet future. He, and his work, are dearly remembered to this day.

Emilia Brecht

A celebrated Mazon biochemist, Emilia Becht specialised in enzyme modification and poly-amino synthesis before taking a well-deserved retirement.

Guard Commander Graves

A veteran of the GCPS marines, Commander Graves brought peace and security to many Mazon facilities. He was praised by colleagues for his objectivity and vision, before taking a surprise retirement.

Professor Hiraku Kaneko

Widely renowned for his research into theoretical phsyics, Professor Kaneko has brought his expertise and passion to our groundbreaking developments in Mazon Propulsion Systems.
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