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Give your life and mean nothing

We want you! We'll find a use for your living body AND your carcass. All in exchange for a tiny amount of credits you'll be begging to recieve.

Life at Mazon Labs

How we break people

Committed to achieve – A workplace where the ends always justify the means.
Unbeatable job security – We can always find exciting new uses for our staff.
Employee perks - Cake? More like lies!


Pay for basic Human+ needs!


We spend your credits instead of our own!


Your personal evil overlords

Current Recruitment Opportunities

Security wing

Black Wing Security Services are always looking for experienced new recruits. Prior service in GCPS forces is a significant advantage, but all applicants will be selected on merit and performance. Respect for hierarchy and impeccable discretion are a must for this job. You will be expected to maintain high fitness levels and a pragmatic world-view at all times.

Reanimation Division

We come to work every day to achieve the impossible! Would you like to know more? Our work in this field is leading the creation of a new industry, and you will be expected to submit to a high level of developed vetting. Please have documented records of your personal history ready for extreme scrutiny before applying to positions in this division.

Propulsion Sciences

Recruitment temporarily suspended.

Bioweapons division

Our work in this field is extremely classified, but if you want to make a real difference to galactic security then this is the place to do it. We have already demonstrated extreme success in this field, and will proudly continue to do so!

Clinical Trials

We are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers of all ages to help us with our ongoing range of exciting studies. Come and help us transform galactic clinical healthcare, security, and transportation. All survivors will be generously compensated for your time, travel expenses and dedication!

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