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MPS - Mazon Propulsion Systems

We see an exciting opportunity to bring the galaxy together with new propulsion technology. It’s been many years since the development of the McKinley drive, and at Mazon Propulsion Sciences we’re gearing up to take the next bright, bold, step into the future. Our revolutionary testing facilities on Pluton II and III are working at the forefront of technology to bring you the future of galactic transportation.

Status: Project on indefinite pause. Press Enquiries should message their PR contact for an official statement.


The galaxy is a competitive place, and for humanity (and our sphere allies) to stay safe we must maintain the upper hand! This means working ceaselessly on both defensive technologies, and our peacemaking capacity for pre-emptive aggression – which naturally go hand-in-hand. Our latest projects are the evolution of our ever-popular bioweapons program, and we look forward to sharing our ongoing progress.

Status: Project deemed an extreme success. Sector team is waiting on the discovery and recovery of new test species.

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